HFA Wizard Download


Version 1.23.3 now available - CURRENTLY ONLY ON PC'S - no Mac version available at this time

We apologise - this is an Adobe Flash issue - beyond our control at this time - we are developing new facial analysis software - please contact the college for more information


1 - Read terms and conditions

2 - Download software

3 - Free 10 day trial

4 - To continue use one off payment of $220 AUD (payment is made through software)

5 - Once payment is made an activation code will be sent to activate the software for continued use

6 - Second computer upload and/or new computer upload - $50 AUD

7 - In the event of computer failure or computer replacement a new activation code will be sent for a new installation at no charge where the original purchase is less than 2 years and for a maximum of two separate occasions. Outside of these conditions a second license must be purchased (see point 6)

8 - Where a 3rd activation is sought (outside conditions in point 7) a $50 AUD charge will apply - please contact the college to arrange

9 - New upgrades to the software will be provided free of charge within 2 years of purchase.  Outside this time new upgrades will be charged at $50 AUD

Download and installation of the wizard indicates you have read and accept the terms and conditions for its use.

You can install the HFA Wizard by installing Adobe Air from the Adobe website and then downloading Wizard and install it directly from the desktop.

Administrative access is required when installing Adobe AIR. Administrative access is also required when installing an Adobe AIR application to a location that is not writeable by the current user account. If you do not have write permissions, contact your systems administrator.

Download AIR

To install the HFA Wizard

  1. Download and save the installer file for the Adobe AIR application to your desktop. The name of this file ends with .air.
  2. Double-click the .air file to install the application.

Download the HFA Wizard


See the 13 minute video that will show you how to use the HFA wizard.


Version 1.23.3 now available - on features and usage.