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What is the nature of the course?  The course is a specialist course suited to students or practitioners of homeopathy, naturopathy or other alternative modalities who want to learn the Homeopathic Facial Analysis method as well as a review of homeopathic principles and their clinical application. top

When does the live course commence?  
The course is currently running as a recorded option only  top

Can I view the course at my own pace?
Yes you can view the classes (recorded) at anytime.  top
Are there any exams?
No the course is a self learning package. Some modules have self tests. top
Will I receive a certificate?
Once the course is completed each participant will receive a letter of completion with CPD points (42 for the 21 classes). 
A full printed and signed certificate of attendance will be issued and forwarded (where requested) for $20AUD plus postage.  Where students do not attend live classes but only view recorded classes they must contact the college once they have finished the course to receive their letter of completion or certificate. top
Is the course accredited?
No the course is run by the Victorian College of Classical Homœopathy – a private homeopathic college that has been running in Melbourne, Australia since 1989.  The course is a specialist course designed for both students and practitioners.  The course should be accepted by homeopathic associations for professional development points on submission of the course certificate and in some cases will be accepted for clinical training by your current college.  Contact admin@vcch.org for information to pass on to your college or association where requested.  The course is accepted by Aroh and CHC for ongoing training and professional development points.  top
Does the college only accept homeopaths to the course?
HFA is a new way of looking at and using homeopathy so it is suited to all levels of student.  The course is suited to students of homeopathy, practitioners of homeopathy, self trained homeopaths, naturopaths and kinesiologists with some homeopathic training.  The college accepts all these groups but please contact the college (admin@vcch.org) if you don’t meet these criteria to discuss your suitability.  top
How long is each class?
Each class is programmed to last 2 hours. Classes may go over time dependent on questions but rarely more than 15 minutes over.  top
Is the course just the classes?
The course comprises the classes plus information on the HFA training website. The site offers 400 pages of notes, essays, a facial analysis self learning guide, facial analysis sketches and photos, self tests and cases (video and paper).  top
Can I ask questions during the course?
Yes you can ask questions by using the online HFA forum which you will have access to as a student of the course  top
I have never done online training before – will there be help in how to access the course?
Yes VCCH offers technical support for all aspects of the course – this is included in the price of the course – accessing the training site and viewing recorded classes. You can contact us by email at anytime – we try to get your problems sorted out within 1-3 days. (Most participants experience little or no problems but this is dependent on your computer system).  top
What type of computer and system do I need to participate?
·         256 MB of free RAM
·         20 MB free disk space
·         28.8 kbps Internet connection
·         Speaker and Microphone, headsets are preferred
Computer system requirements
How much does the course cost?
Recorded course - 21 weeks (15 weeks HFA training plus 6 weeks Soul & Survival module) - all inclusive $650 AUD (all classes recorded - no live classes)
AUD is approx 
    $650 AUD
US   $415 USD
Canada   $585 CAN
Europe   385 EUR
UK   335 GBP
India   31000INR**
Japan   45000 JPY
South Africa   7800 ZAR**


**See special discount offer (less 80%) for Indian/Asian/African practitioners/students in the Facial Analysis and Homeopathy book (last page) - this book is only available to students/practitioners in India, Africa and Asia (excluding Japan)  top

Enquiries - admin@vcch.org
Are the currency examples fixed prices?
No each day the world currency values fluctuate. To check how much the Australian dollar amount will cost you for that particular day please check www.xe.com/ucc/
against your currency. VCCH process the payment within 1- 3 business days of receiving your application/order. This may account for slight variances during that time.  top
Is there a refund policy?
Yes if you are unhappy with the course within 14 days of your sign up you will be given a full refund. You must make your request in writing (email admin@vcch.org) to the college.   top
Can I purchase just the one or a few modules?
Yes each module is available separately and can be purchased individually at anytime. To purchase separate modules please contact the college at admin@vcch.org    top
What is the benefit of purchasing the whole course?
HFA is an integrated system based on facial analysis. It comprises new ways of looking at miasms, how to read the face, how to take a case using simple and effective techniques, easy case analysis and simple repertorisation, posology based on energy principles and tips on case management. The final module (Soul & Survival) is an in-depth look at the philosophy behind the model. Each module builds on the preceding module so we recommend doing the complete course for the greatest understanding and ability to use the HFA model with clinical success.   top
I cannot afford the course due to the economy of my country or my personal circumstances – does the college offer any assistance?
The college does offer further discounts, subsidised books and in some cases free places on the course. Please contact the college admin@vcch.org for a submission form. VCCH will fully or partially subsidise the course for homœopaths in third world countries or those who run free clinics to poor communities if they meet submission criteria.  top
Do I need books?
Yes you must purchase the two HFA books – Appearance and Circumstance and Homœopathic Facial Analysis. Books can be purchased from the college or through your local homœopathic book supplier. Most students choose to purchase Soul & Survival too – this book explains the philosophy behind the system and can be shared with or sold to your patients. 
Indian/Asian/African students (excluding Japan) can contact BJain publishers to purchase the special non western version of the two HFA books (Facial Analysis and Homeopathy) at a discounted price.  top
How long do I have access to the course for?
Your purchase price includes access to the course for 8 months from the point of purchase. This allows for the 21 classes at one class per week (or more often) plus the case information. We cannot provide indefinite technical support and every video within the course you access costs the college so we have to make access for a finite period. However should you wish to access for longer than this period the college can arrange for a small charge.  top
Can I download the classes to my computer?
No the classes are streamed from a website and cannot be downloaded. Classes contain private patient information which cannot be copied and shared. It is part of your agreement as a student not to share any part or the entire course with others - in particular to respect the privacy of patients.  top
Can I have a copy of the power point presentations?
No, these presentations contain private patient information and are only viewable through live or recorded classes streamed from a website.  top
How long does it take to learn how to be accomplished at facial analysis?
Everyone learns at a different pace but on average once you have tested your skills on 20-50 patients you will be competent.  top
Is there a forum?
Yes the HFA training site has a forum where online students can speak with each other, share experiences and ask questions.  top
Are there any other resources?
Yes see the following 
  • Study groups - some students have formed online photo share groups which have proved valuable in their group learning.  
  • Facial analysis service - the college offers a facial analysis service at low cost (one set of photos = $30AUD) 
  • Extra classes - there are special classes held after the course in facial analysis where requested.  
  • Individual tuition - where Grant has available time he offers individual tuition at $100AUD per hour through online meeting such as Skype. Students provide their own photos and have an hour session with Grant which is recorded for their use only. 
  • Case support – students can have individual cases analysed (facial analysis and case analysis) from $40AUD for a basic service to $100AUD+ (including case management). 
  • Is there any software available? - yes the professional facial analysis wizard is available to help with learning – the program costs $220AUD and there is a free 10 day trial period
The latest version of the wizard can be downloaded from
An instructional video is available at
A free basic version of this software is available online at
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