Online cases

Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) Cases
These cases are additional to the Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) online course cases which accompany the course. They are available to bona fide students and practitioners who want to learn more about the HFA method and who are already studying or intend to study with VCCH. To view cases within the HFA online course see case links within each section of the six modules.
Video cases support ongoing learning in HFA principles and practice. 
-         Practitioners - cases fulfil ongoing continuing professional development criteria (CPD points – 1 point per hour) for qualified practitioners 
-         Students - cases fulfil student case requirements for clinical hours – Homœopathic and Naturopathic training
Patient cases are available to view for all VCCH students or health practitioners/students who meet ONE of the following criteria
  • Qualified alternative health practitioner (Homœopath, Naturopath, Kinesiologist etc)
You must supply your qualification details and current registration details
  • Current alternative health students (not studying with VCCH)
You must supply your student registration details and name of current college
  • Victorian College of Classical Homœopathy students (current and graduates)
Undergraduate students/graduates
  • Victorian College of Classical Homœopathy HFA online students (current and graduates)
Students and graduate of the HFA online course
Case information
Cases are available in the following format
  • First consultation (40 – 80 minutes)
  • Summary of first consultation (5 – 12 minutes) – includes repertorisation, case analysis, facial analysis, remedy and posology
  • Follow up consultations - between 2 and 6 follow ups (5 – 30 minutes each) 
  • Summary of follow up consultations – includes case management, remedy reaction analysis, new facial analysis (where required), new repertorisation (where required), new remedy and posology (where required)
  • Via HFA training website
  • Streamed online (no downloads, no copying)
  • Available to bona fide students/practitioners only
  • Secure login/password access
  • Available for a period of 18 months

For further information about viewing online cases and registering with the Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy please email


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