Homoeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) on-line training

Welcome to the Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy training site.  This site is for students of the online Homoeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) course which also incorporates Soul & Survival principles.

The on-line course is for all practitioners and students who wish to understand how to apply HFA and how it can be incorporated with classical case taking, case analysis, repertorising and case management.

The course will commence on February 10th 2011 (weekly online classroom taught by Grant Bentley - live and recorded) accompanied by notes, cases and a self learning package - it will give homoeopaths and other alternative therapy students and practitioners the opportunity to study facial analysis and HFA principles in detail.

The course is suited to all level of students and practitioners - a basic understanding of homoeopathic principles is an advantage. 

(if you wish to join the class after this date or view recorded classes please contact admin@vcch.org 
or book online through the VCCH site)

   1. Miasms & HFA 
   2. Facial Analysis - features - photos - camera - wizard
   3. Case Taking - mentals, generals, particulars, life circumstances
   4. Case Analysis - repertorisation - rubric selection - software
   5. Case Management & Posology - remedy selection - classifying remedies
   6. Soul & Survival - in depth - energy - life themes - traditional roles - time cycles - relationships


HFA principles in combination with effective case taking, analysis and repertorising will bring your case results to 70% or higher within a few months training.

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Appearance and Circumstance


Homoeopathic Facial Analysis


Soul & Survival


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