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Grant Bentley presents two one hour recorded seminars

One seminar for the general public and practitioners – Soul & Survival
One seminar for homœopaths and alternative practitioners – Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA)

These seminars are to introduce Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) and Soul & Survival concepts



Soul & Survival


Watch Soul & Survival seminar now

Knowledge is power - self knowledge is the ultimate power
For thousands of years sages from every religion have told us that enlightenment comes from understanding ourselves
To become the person we want to be all past sages have agreed that it is vital to recognize, understand and master the instinctive character of our inner nature.
But what is this inner nature?
More than twenty years of clinical experience as a naturopath and homœopath – where the lives of patients are discussed in detail - has led to startling revelations regarding the inner nature of who we are.
What this inner nature is and how to recognize it is presented in a free online seminar.
Grant Bentley will introduce you to techniques of how to bring your thoughts and emotions back into balance as well as introduce you to new ways of discovering the inner instinct of those around you.



Homœopathic Facial Analysis


Watch Homoeopathic Facial Analysis seminar now


“Beyond Essence”

         Introducing a homœopathic clinical method that works –
For the homœopath who
  • wants results for their patients
  • wants confidence in their remedy choices
  • wants to choose their remedies quickly
  • wants rewards for their efforts
  • puts homœopathy and their patients first
Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is for the clinical homœopath



Grant Bentley

ND Dip Hom Grad Dip Psych. Th Prof Memb AHA AROH reg ATMS ANPA

Grant Bentley is from Melbourne, Australia and has been working and studying in various fields of natural therapies since 1987. Grant is a qualified Homœopath and Naturopath and has studied Clinical Hypnosis and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Eriksonian Psychotherapy. Grant is the current principal and senior lecturer of the Victorian College of Classical Homœopathy (1995 – current). 
His first book Appearance and Circumstance (2003) details the nature of miasms (inherited stress and health responses) and how facial analysis can be used to determine a patient’s stress response using classical homœopathy. Homœopathic Facial Analysis (2006) continues this work with detailed descriptions and examples of facial analysis. 
Soul & Survival (2008) explains how these inherited stress responses (the survival instinct) influence our instinctive memories and define our behaviors in group situations. Grant discusses the importance of competition and co-operation in regard to personal survival. He outlines the universal forces that influence each of us and how these forces can be read from our facial features. These forces are also responsible for changing social ethics over historical time periods.
A free online facial analysis system is available to undertake your own facial analysis
Appearance and Circumstance and Homœopathic Facial Analysis have been translated and published in Russian. Soul & Survival will be available in Russian in 2010. All three books are currently being translated and will be published in German in 2010.
Grant has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, USA and Europe. He is in clinical practice in Melbourne, Australia and provides consultations to patient’s worldwide using skype.
Further information about Grant Bentley’s research and his books can be found on the Victorian College of Classical Homœopathy website and the Soul & Survival website